The Changing Weather

What will the temperature be tomorrow? I can guess that it will be partly sunny and maybe in the 70’s and I would be partially right. I can smell rain in the air and predict it might rain and be partially right. Our temperatures are 20 degrees below normal for this time of the year. I predict warmer weather and it will be humid. I am predicting that because my legs are aching and my ankles are throbbing and I would be partially right.

I think I will encourage my grandchildren to study weather when they go to college. Why not? They would have a career and with that education, they could report the weather too but only after they discuss it with me first.

All kidding aside the meteorologists that report the weather on our the local broadcasting stations have been wrong more times than right this year. I am whining. So sorry. I won’t write about the hot summer.

My brother’s mother always said I was a whiner. And, as we know, she was always right… NOT