My Craft Projects

via Photo Challenge: Textures

I have several crafts started. A textured shrug I am crocheting for my granddaughter. A 4D needlepoint picture for my self, I started it a few years ago when I had been going through treatment for colon cancer.  And a white vase that I decided needed a painting of the flowers that would ornament the vase.

IMG_3238 (2).JPG

IMG_3219 (2).JPG

Using A Toothbrush

via Daily Prompt: Toothbrush

When I go to auctions or yard sales I look for old tools, metal toys, and garden things. When I bring them home, I use a toothbrush to clear away dirt and rust before starting the process of restoration.

My mother has used a toothbrush to make a texture she is looking for in an oil painting she is about to start. She says it also comes in handy to clean in the bathroom.