An Annoyance

via Daily Prompt: Pest

So many days are hot and humid right now. If I go outside to pull weeds or to walk through the grass to put seeds into the bird feeders I am attached by some of the summers gnats that come out near evening. They are little pests here for the summer. Sometimes a few of these pests get into the house, they are especially bothersome when they come to my eyes as I sit to read. The flyswatter is of no use since they are so tiny, but I finally got the two little devils when I slapped them between my hands.
An interesting fact about these gnats is that non-biting midges or gnats do not possess the mouth parts that allow mosquitoes to bite a mammal and obtain some of its blood.


Gone is the winter snow

Now the grass you must mow

The hot summer is here

We are half way through the year