Forty-Nine Years

Dropping rose petals

Saying ” I DO ” forever

Till death do us part











Clear and running

Wetting, dripping, splashing

What’s needed for us to survive



Her Death

I witnessed her death last night
I thought I would take flight
Slipped into the past
Happening so fast
I asked,”Why didn’t she fight.”

I Didn’t See

Our afternoon jaunt, a deadly trek,

We didn’t see the cubs scampering around

Or their adult standing there.

She came charging, leaves, and brush flying from the ground.

You pushed me away and yelled, “Run!”

You didn’t want me to see,

I  didn’t see.

She crushed you in her massive girth,

I didn’t see you on the ground

Bleeding, from her claws and open jaw,

I didn’t see what you saw.

You died! To save me!

I didn’t see all your love,

A Brother’s love,

I didn’t see.

By Jain  Ainley