Forty-Nine Years

Dropping rose petals

Saying ” I DO ” forever

Till death do us part









Sharon Dear

Lesson # 8 Everyday Inspiration

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Dear Sharon,

Would you please get out of bed and do something? Anything, I am worried about you.

Well, I think he just wants me to go down and be the wife who makes him his supper!

You just lay up there and watch television or sit in front of the computer. Why are you being like this? ….He really doesn’t want to know.

Please get up and shower and come down and eat something, it will make you feel better. You could go out to the library and pick up your new books or go for a drive and take pictures of the river or the mountains and other things you see that you like. You could go to the farmer’s market or to WalMart and walk the mall like you often do.

What is wrong with you anyway? You need to feed your fish and water your plants.…God only knows he can’t do it for me.

Why don’t you tell me what it is you need or want? Should I call a doctor or would you like the children to bring their families for a visit? What can I do to help you with whatever is bothering you this time?


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I Didn’t See

Our afternoon jaunt, a deadly trek,

We didn’t see the cubs scampering around

Or their adult standing there.

She came charging, leaves, and brush flying from the ground.

You pushed me away and yelled, “Run!”

You didn’t want me to see,

I  didn’t see.

She crushed you in her massive girth,

I didn’t see you on the ground

Bleeding, from her claws and open jaw,

I didn’t see what you saw.

You died! To save me!

I didn’t see all your love,

A Brother’s love,

I didn’t see.

By Jain  Ainley


Let Me Go



Let me go

Away from here

Away from you

Where you’re not near.

Let me go

I can’t stay

Not this way.

Let me go

Away from you

Where no one will know.

Let me go

Away from you

To anywhere

I don’t care.

Let me go

Away from you


So people you know

Won’t see

All your love

In front if me.

I Love You More

I went in to clean his room

I moved some things

And now he fumes.

Then he shows me

In which order

His stuff should be.

I smile as I open

The closet door

Thinking about it

Becoming his chore.

I give him a kiss

And tell him

I won’t move anything

I promise.

But I need to finish

In here today

So you may go

Out to play.

He stops before

He leaves the room

Smiles and says

I love you.

I smile at him and say

I love you more.


First blog post

I saw a commercial on the television and started to cry. Why you want to know.  Well, there was a family of dogs driving a car! That is all I remember before the tears fell because all of the dogs were yellow labs.  If you are a dog person you may already know that they seem to all look-alike.  I had a yellow lab and she passed away three years ago so I tear up whenever I see a yellow lab.  I miss her so much and when we had her cremated we were given her ashes in a beautifully carved wooden box.  The ashes are inside a soft purple velour bag and with that, we received a poem about Rainbow Bridge.  I can’t even think about her being there waiting until it is time for us to be together again without crying. She was my constant companion. I cherished her love and I am grateful for all the time we had together.

My companion
She was the best companion and really loved the school children. The bus driver used to call to her and she would go into the bus for hugs from everyone.

I didn’t write a first blog posting so as I sat here tonight and I saw the advertisement again I thought of her.  Her name was Baby and she was mine. I hope to see her at Rainbow Bridge someday and all the other dogs we had too.