I felt so peaceful today while I was out and about in the garden.  I was pulling those darn weeds and transplanting sedum that spread too much around my pansies. I received a  new blue gazing ball yesterday and put it out in the lower garden. I picked up worms and placed them in a container to use tomorrow when I go fishing. I am anticipating a good catch as the crappies are spawning now.

Birds were squawking because I was outside so long and they wanted to get to the bird feeders and the bird baths. We have many birds coming now because they are feeding their young.  Soon we will see them following the moms around with their mouths open for food. I like this time of year because everything is new again.  The rabbits are chasing each other from one yard to another and then when they’re tired they lay at the fences or at the huge trunk of the pecan tree.  Squirrels are also feeding their young and I expect to soon see them chasing each other up and down and all around the yard before they come to the pond for a drink and some food.

My thoughts for the day are relax, enjoy the sunshine, and be grateful that I am alive to see it. Life is good.