My Brother’s Sister

Oh, what a day! It was the imperfectly perfect day.kiss

Of course, people would talk, it’s was a small town and gossip is like candy that you want to share. They peeked out their windows from behind the curtains, they listened on their party line phones, and they listened from behind their closed doors.

She didn’t care what the neighbors said because true or false they would spread their gossip even if she didn’t do anything wrong.  She thought that the only thing they could say was that they saw him kiss her and nothing else.

It was her very first kiss. His soft lips on her mouth and then ever so slightly, he pressed his wet tongue against her lips. She felt warm in all the right places but in her innocence, she didn’t know how to respond. It was just one kiss and she knew already she would yearn for so much more.

The gossip spread like wildfire and what her mother heard was a ridiculous lie. The joy she felt with his kiss was lost, replaced by tears, as her misinformed mother yelled harsh accusations implying that it was more than just a kiss.

Her brother was her hero. He told her mother, “I was nearby, and nothing happened but the one kiss and, you should know that I am always watching out for her.”

His admission made the imperfect day a perfect one.