Girls Rule

via Daily Prompt: Caper

I visited my son and his family yesterday, the children were still in the pool when I arrived. When dinner was near ready the children got out of the pool to dry off, and put on their shoes. The boys and their friend who was visiting ran to play on the jungle gym while the girls played with their dolls.

The boys were secretly sneaking toward the girls and surprised them with their water bazookas. Oh, the girls were not impressed by the little stinkers, and soon they commenced a plan of attack of their own.

I watched with amusement as they huddled there whispering to each other. The boys had gone to the driveway and were shooting hoops. It didn’t take long until the caper was in place and soon they were on the driveway too and jumping rope. As the boys tried to shoot the ball, the three girls ran in and retrieved the rebound and off they ran. The girls ran into the enclosed patio and locked the doors, they are younger than their brothers, but they know a thing or two about payback.

It was an amusing picnic, and I enjoyed seeing the girls take on the boys and win for once.