Forty-Nine Years

Dropping rose petals

Saying ” I DO ” forever

Till death do us part









Why I Write

#Everyday Inspirtations

Writing is a way for me to ease the pain I have from disease, from not being able to accomplish all I want to do in a day, week, month or year. I write because I dream.
I wake with memories of dreams that are so vivid I believe they are true. Memories of things from my past and sometimes they are of things that have not yet happened, and I believe them...and so I write.
I see or read the news, and I become cheerful, sad, happy,or disgusted with it. Sometimes it leads me to write to my governor or to the president about those things I am passionate about.
I write down my feelings about the things that make my heart ache.
I write about how the government has too much control over our lives, about paying too many taxes, and how the government continues to spend money that it does not have. We can't do it so why do we let them do it?
It is a way for me to vent what is on my mind.