Daily Prompt: Amble

via Daily Prompt: Amble

big brother beside him he
caught a glimpse of the bully and
dared to take the chance to
effortlessly amble by him.
facing the terror inside, he was
grateful for the love of
having a new big brother
in his life.

Thirty Years Ago Today

Sometimes I still cry

On the fourth of July

It is the same day

My brother passed away

I was his sister

Who tagged along

But  couldn’t go

Where he had gone

We will meet again someday

In a place

Somewhere in space

Neither here nor there

Not then not now

But we will meet

Again somehow

My Brother’s Mother Part Two

It was a year ago today, Mother
The time did not go by fast
You are missed like all the others
Who are in the past
Mother Dear

We see the pink urn sitting there
Beside the blue one marked Dad
We remember your voice
When you told us not to be sad
Mother Dear

We think of you often Mother
And of our father and our brother
So today we just wanted to say
How much we miss you
Mother Dear