Photo Challenge: Ooh, Shiny

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A favorite shot of my fish pond and small garden with my shiny gazing globe.

Double Rainbow After The Rain

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Vacation at Trout Creek, Montana. It’s early morning as we are getting ready to go out fishing. It was such a beautiful day refreshed by the morning rain.

My Craft Projects

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I have several crafts started. A textured shrug I am crocheting for my granddaughter. A 4D needlepoint picture for my self, I started it a few years ago when I had been going through treatment for colon cancer.  And a white vase that I decided needed a painting of the flowers that would ornament the vase.

IMG_3238 (2).JPG

IMG_3219 (2).JPG

Water Hole

My dog and I walked to the reservoir which is four miles from home and half way back we stopped to cool off, she swims and I put my feet in for a while. I didn't plan to go for a swim today but it was so hot and humid I jumped in right after Maxi did. It was so cold but oh so refreshing. The stream below the reservoir runs for several miles in our area and about eighteen miles before it runs into the Monach river. Maxi swims here on all our walks and in winter she comes out and shakes off and there are ice cycles hanging from her coat. What a great day we had together. I think she was even more playful today because I never get in the stream with her.