#Everyday Inspiration

Day Twelve: Critique A Piece of Work Day thirteen: Play with word count A wall hanging picture I did in 3D some years ago. This had the printed image already on the material. A  picture of it does not do it justice. You are unable to see the long brushed brown threads of the catty […]

#Everyday Inspiration

Day two, Write a list

Things That Are Green

Cucumbers, squash, peppers, and avocados, I add these veggies to make a delicious salad.

Jello, Waldorf salad, pistachio pudding, and fried green tomatoes, are yummy foods I like to eat.

Snakes, lizards, frogs, turtles, these things I would never think of touching.

Trucks, cars, wagons, vans, they are vehicles that can transport me from here to anywhere.

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and nail polish are adornments I sometimes wear to feel attractive.

Shoes, slippers, socks, and goulashes, I wear to keep my feet warm and dry.

Headbands, barrettes, ribbons, and hair clips, are hair accessories I sometimes wear for fun.

Pants, coats, leggings, scarves, and hats, are clothes I  wear when it is cold outside.



This Is Where I Write

#everyday Inspiration Day Six

This is my huge desk where I write and sketch.  It is in my sewing room so I also use the desk to cut out patterns. Sometimes I do crafts here too.

Sharon Dear

Lesson # 8 Everyday Inspiration

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Dear Sharon,

Would you please get out of bed and do something? Anything, I am worried about you.

Well, I think he just wants me to go down and be the wife who makes him his supper!

You just lay up there and watch television or sit in front of the computer. Why are you being like this? ….He really doesn’t want to know.

Please get up and shower and come down and eat something, it will make you feel better. You could go out to the library and pick up your new books or go for a drive and take pictures of the river or the mountains and other things you see that you like. You could go to the farmer’s market or to WalMart and walk the mall like you often do.

What is wrong with you anyway? You need to feed your fish and water your plants.…God only knows he can’t do it for me.

Why don’t you tell me what it is you need or want? Should I call a doctor or would you like the children to bring their families for a visit? What can I do to help you with whatever is bothering you this time?


Sharon Dear wants to hear you say I love you and Read More »

Response To Social Media


Assignment  #7 from Everyday Inspiration course


In response to Blu Mar TEN
In our universe, a star explodes and dies every single second, and there’s you, worrying about work tomorrow
I think if I could write all that I think about every day there would not be enough paper in the world. So I know that I can’t do it because I don’t want everyone to know all my thoughts.
The stars in the sky do not dye
The stars burst and become something new
Another planet or a light that’s blue
The universe is infinite
Here I write, and here I sit
Not worrying about going to work tomorrow
But wondering why my brain is so slow
We go to work and do the best that we can to achieve what is expected and maybe a little more which makes us feel proud. We have organized our time so we can always work on the things we must do tomorrow, and it is a good habit we’ve begun. We are proud of this stuff we have done.
We clock out for the day and go home where we think of what we must do there. We think of ourselves and of our families and do things that are relevant to our home lives. We love the joy we feel and receive at home.
I say do not take work home with you when you get to work tomorrow surprisingly the new days work is there too.


The Forest


I stood in front of this forest
with so many huge pine trees
I saw a kind of white vapor ahead
and wondered what it could be
Maybe a house or cottage but I couldn’t see.

We were walking for an hour or so,
when Maxi started barking and sniffing around
She chased out a bird and,
I got it with just one shot
She brought it to me and laid it on the ground.

We walked home with no time to waste
the weather was hot.
I’d make us stew in just one pot
adding onions, potatoes, and ginger paste.

Jake came home, and Maxi brought him the ball
I told him we were having a stew made with grouse
that Maxi chased out
in that forest with the pines so tall.
While we ate, I told him about the house
or cottage I thought I saw.

Why I Write

#Everyday Inspirtations

Writing is a way for me to ease the pain I have from disease, from not being able to accomplish all I want to do in a day, week, month or year. I write because I dream.
I wake with memories of dreams that are so vivid I believe they are true. Memories of things from my past and sometimes they are of things that have not yet happened, and I believe them...and so I write.
I see or read the news, and I become cheerful, sad, happy,or disgusted with it. Sometimes it leads me to write to my governor or to the president about those things I am passionate about.
I write down my feelings about the things that make my heart ache.
I write about how the government has too much control over our lives, about paying too many taxes, and how the government continues to spend money that it does not have. We can't do it so why do we let them do it?
It is a way for me to vent what is on my mind.