I take this quilt out and unfurl it every three months.  It is the last one my grandmother made, I kept it all these years waiting for one of my grandson’s to get married. It is a keepsake that will make a wonderful wedding gift. It is for the grandson who is proposing in the picture below.


Photo A Week Challenge: Tender Moments


My grandson at a special photo session with her family, and he had a surprise for her.

Grains On The Beach

via Daily Prompt: Grainy

The beach has a lot of grainy sand and stones here in La Manzanilla Mexico.

Photo Challenge: Ooh, Shiny

via Photo Challenge: Ooh, Shiny!

A favorite shot of my fish pond and small garden with my shiny gazing globe.

#Everyday Inspiration

Day Twelve: Critique A Piece of Work Day thirteen: Play with word count A wall hanging picture I did in 3D some years ago. This had the printed image already on the material. A  picture of it does not do it justice. You are unable to see the long brushed brown threads of the catty […]