What is Trump Thinking?

Why do we look to

the future, because

What’s gone won’t be back,


We lived through the past

Some are happy memories

Some best left behind


Today may not be

great, but we’re doing okay

What’s next is what counts,


Hold on if you can

Be ready for what is coming

Nuclear war or peace


Trump has the Power

Using it responsibly

That is the question!




Weekly Writing Challenge

Dragon’s fly at night

Children running, mothers are  gone

Dragon’s blazing all in sight


Dragon’s fly overhead

Fires burn the fields and each home

Soon all will be dead




via Daily Prompt: Solitary

Four children raised their hands to play for the red team yet a solitary one raised his hand for the blue team. Does it make you wonder if that was a good thing or a bad thing? Maybe the red team was an all-girl team or a mixed girl boy team, and the blue team could have been all boys. I don’t want to write about labels, but there are so many reasons young children would be afraid to volunteer for one team more than other. Who knows? One word I am thinking of is bullies. Children are so innocent before they begin school. I can see why so many parents want to home school their children.

Free Verse: Bullying, Words Bled From Heart

Source: Free Verse: Bullying, Words Bled From Heart

Reblog from Linda J. Wolff


I take this quilt out and unfurl it every three months.  It is the last one my grandmother made, I kept it all these years waiting for one of my grandson’s to get married. It is a keepsake that will make a wonderful wedding gift. It is for the grandson who is proposing in the picture below.


Photo A Week Challenge: Tender Moments


My grandson at a special photo session with her family, and he had a surprise for her.